About this Website


Explore the Digital Story Builder

The Digital Story Builder is a space for you to explore historical and archaeological stories associated with the Pocumtuck Fort in Deerfield, Massachusetts, US. We have set up this site as a database of elements that we all use to construct historical stories: quotes from historical diaries, knowledge passed on by indigenous people, details discerned from academic archaeological and historical research.

Which items stand out to you? What message do you take away from these many sources? Explore the collections, look at the digital exhibits we’ve created, and build your own story poster with these items.

Explore it for yourself: http://omeka.pocumtuckheritage.org/


To learn more about the people who have participated in the study of the Pocumtuck Fort and the Pocumtuck Fort Archaeology and Stewardship Project, visit the Bibliography of Pocumtuck Heritage.


A Work in Progress

This website is an in-progress form of Kate Ellenberger’s project within the MSU NEH Institute for Digital Archaeology Method and Practice. This draft of the website was created for the end of the Institute, to develop into a final product. As such, the contents of this website are in transition and do not represent the opinions of the researchers of the Pocumtuck Fort Archaeology and Stewardship Project at this time.

The Basis

The goal of this project is to wrap up the long-term Pocumtuck Fort Archaeology and Stewardship Project currently led by my advisor, Dr. Siobhan Hart, and her mentor Dr. Elizabeth Chilton. Over the past twenty years, archaeologists from the University of Massachusetts Amherst have been investigating likely locations of the historically noted Pocumtuck Fort. The last ten years of these investigations have been conducted as a poly-communal heritage project, involving local historical organizations, government agencies, indigenous peoples, and avocational archaeologists in the decision-making process. At this stage, the project is in the reflection phase, and as part of my dissertation I am creating an online hub for the project.


I aim to create a website which both presents and represents the critical heritage work undertaken by the researchers at UMass. This has two main components:

  • Posting a bibliography of publications that have been written by anthropologists and other stakeholders who participated in the project
  • Constructing an online exhibit which prompts the user to construct a historical narrative about a specific artifact based on the pieces of information they find compelling from a variety of sources